May 4th - Home Sweet Home

Thursday, May 4, 2017

"A house is who you are,
not who you ought to be."

I love this quote. 

You look at all the beautiful homes in the pretty magazines,
picture perfect,

Then you go to a friend's or family's home and it looks so pretty, 
and well, finished. 

The green envy monster pops it's little head out 
and starts to gnaw at you. 

This quote helps me to squash that little monster 
like a whack-a-mole. 

My home is who I am, 
not who I think (or anyone else thinks) I should be. 

And sometimes that means I'm a work in progress. 

"You will express yourself in your house 
whether you want to or not."

If only I had some extra cash to redecorate...
or finish all of the projects I want to do...

"But we can't afford to put our lives and creativity on hold 
until there's more cash, 
because we only end up shortchanging ourselves and those we love. 

Today we can use the Simple Abundance steps
to jump-start the expression of our authenticity 
through the way we care for and decorate our homes.

When we do, the principles of gratitude, simplicity, and order will begin to transform the places where we live into hallowed havens of comfort and contentment 
-with or without the new slipcovers...

I wanted [my home] to be perfect;
I desperately wanted to live up to the expectations of others 
instead of realizing that living up to my own
was difficult enough...

Today, no matter where or how you live, 
look upon your home through the eyes of love

Walk around the rooms and offer thanks 
for the walls and roof that safely enclose you and yours. 

Pause for a moment to consider all the women 
who have lost their homes through death, divorce, debt, or disaster. 

Be grateful for the home you have, 
knowing that, at this moment, 

I really do love my home, 
and making it my own.

Do you know how many different signs and pictures there are for "Home Sweet Home"? Go look it up, and find one that speaks to you, and share it with me so I can see a little bit of your personality!

Also, here is a little bit of me.

Gratitude Journal

1) Donuts. I had a pretty crap day, and I went to my visiting teaching interviews, "The Donut Shoppe", and they gave me donuts. Not just one for me, but one for Robbie and donut holes for my three kiddos. After the day I had, I just sat in my car, listening to music, and eating my donut. Then I came home and the kids were so happy for a's the little things.

2) Friends that come to you when you can't come to them.

3) Robbie. I basically texted him for an hour just venting. He listened and was understanding. I'm so lucky.

4) The day is almost over and the kids are almost asleep. 

5) After a whole day of the kids trying to kill each other, no one is dead or seriously injured.