May 27th - Personal Touches

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Today Sarah talks about "interior vision inventory".

You do this when
-you don't know what you want,
-you don't know how to get rid of something,
-or you know what you want but you can't afford it right now.

My parents asked, "What is your blog about tonight?"
I answered, "interior vision inventory",
and they replied "I have no idea what that is."

Well, neither did I.

The good news is it's not as complicated as it sounds.

And, we've already started.

Start Quote
One of the benefits of sorting through your belongings
and identifying what's beautiful, useful, or sentimental
is that clarity emerges.

You will probably be surprised by
how much you already own that is simply waiting to be
reconsidered, rearranged, reupholstered, refinished.

Just don't be surprised to discover that
even if what you live with is beautiful,
it might no longer suit you...

Decorating shouldn't be about how a room looks in a magazine
as much as how you feel in that room.

If you are to create rooms with an authentic view,
self-exploration must come before paint chips and fabric swatches.

Personal flourishes can bridge the gap
while we wait
for our interior vision
to find outward expression
in our surroundings...

Personal flourishes can be had for little or no money
if you are willing to invest passion, perseverance, patience,
and a fresh perspective.
End Quote

Personal flourishes, personal touches...


Some of my favorites are my picture frames.
Some are from the dollar tree store, others from the thrift store.
But you put them together on the wall in an intricate way with beautiful pictures of your family and bam!
Maybe $15 for a personal touch.

And it took at least 3 years to put it together.

Robbie is making me something like this
to fill up an empty space of wall.

We already have the fence boards, we bought some stain,
I already have the twine and clothes pins...

When you take an inventory of what you don't know you want but you think you want something there, and of what you know you want but you can't have yet, and it's all a little overwhelming...
don't stress.
It'll all work out.

In the mean time, add some of you to your home.

I promise it'll be in your budget.

"Personal flourishes can be had for little or no money
if you are willing to invest passion, perseverance, patience,
and a fresh perspective."

Gratitude Journal

1) When your dad gives you a beater of cookie dough...yum.

2) Getting to go to the zoo as a family, and then grocery shopping. So much crying, and yet so much fun?

3) Wunderlist. Robbie and I shared our grocery list, and we cut the grocery time in half. It was amazing!

4) Good books. We read Where the Wild Things Are

5) Today is done. This week has been rough.