May 20th - Puttering

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I don't know anything about puttering, 
but Sarah does.

Start Quote
Puttering is the intersection of introspection and inspiration...

Unlike cleaning, which can be a group activity, 
puttering is a solitary pursuit, 
to be approached with an unhurried pace 
for maximum metaphysical benefits.

The essence of puttering is rearranging, 
although I also consider polishing silver, 
washing china and crystal, displaying flowers, 
even moving furniture to be part of the puttering genus...

Think of puttering as a domestic Rorschach test.

Instead of interpreting inkblots, 
we must muse on the hidden meaning of personal possessions 
until we flow on to dreams, choices, 
risks, pleasures, authentic preferences. 
End Quote

"Puttering...helps us to become aware 
of what's still important to us, 
what continues to have meaning. 

This quiet, private act 
can...bring the different aspects of your life 
into sharp focus -and identify your needs."

"Whether your home is in the city, country, or suburbia, 
each in its own way offers fertile ground 
upon which to sow your dreams. 

Puttering scatters the seeds. 

In due time we shall reap an abundant harvest of contentment."

I know from experience that our kids learn best when they play

Do we really learn any different? 

Meditating, puttering...

I'm going to give them a try. 

It's kind of hard with little kids at your feet all day, 
but you know, 
I'll do my best.

Gratitude Journal

1) No kids today! First thing I did today was sleep in until 9:30am. It felt so good.

2) Finished deep mopping the floor. It feels so good to walk bare foot on a clean floor.

3) Food. And eating when I want to eat. 

4) Doing things when I wanted to do them. Like shaving the dog, then bathing the dog, then cleaning the bathroom, then taking a shower...all in the middle of the day. 

5) Relaxing. Recharging. Life is so crazy busy, it's wonderful to take a few days to rest.