Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I love to crochet! And I love making things and giving gifts. Some of these I found patterns for, others I made up all on my own!
Not the finished monkey! She's missing her tail...and still has a needle stuck in her head. I used a pattern. 

My palm tree to go with the monkey! No pattern.
 My  best friend Kelli, and the bow I made her. Pattern.
 Hearts, pattern.
 Poppy headbands, and a bow. Patterns.
 Turtle! Pattern.

 Giraffe! Pattern
 Lady bug :) pattern

Tinker Bell! No pattern! That's all me baby :D

Jacob's mobile! It's a sky theme. Starts with the sun, moon, stars, clouds, then goes down to airplane, hot air balloon, kite and bird. The only pattern I used was for the stars, the rest was all me!

What do you think? Every time I do something it gets better and better. There's always something crooked, but every new thing gets better and less crooked :)