Plan to Keep Your Faith

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday Forum was awesome. 

Bishop Tucker? from the Fresno YSA ward was awesome. He could have written a small book of all the little things he said in half an hour. What stuck out to me the most was

"We don't ever plan on becoming inactive"

For those of you who have no idea what that is, "inactive" or "less-active" is a term we use for members of the church that have fallen away and have lost or misplaced their faith. 

He told us stories of his six best friends, and how back in the day they were thick as thieves. They all went on missions except one, they all got married in the temple, and twenty or so years later three of them fell away. Two asked for their names to be removed from the records of the church. 

Did they sit down one day while they were young, planning out where they wanted to be in five, ten, twenty years and say: "When I have done this and turned this age I will abandon my faith and turn against everything I ever learned"? No. They didn't. But did they plan on keeping their faith? No, not exactly. 

I had never thought of that before. I knew that people usually stopped doing what they needed to, like reading their scriptures, praying, going to church, and such, that it's a gradual process of forgetting your faith and then eventually, losing sight of it completely. But I'd never thought of planning on when you would lose it, or that you could plan to keep it. Plan to do the things that will keep your testimony alive and well, not sickly and dying. 

Plan to keep your faith alive and well.