2015 in Review

Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 was another year of survival, but I didn't want to accept that. It took me an entire year to figure it out, that I can't do it all. 

But I can love these babies, and boy do I love them. I'm going to try every day to love them better.

Thank you for a wonderful year. I wish I had taken more pictures, I wish I had written more memories down...I wish I could remember every little moment that I've had with these angels...but time is funny that way. Time goes by so slow when you're living it and you're exhausted every minute of every day, and then all of a sudden a year has gone by and you don't know how it came and went so fast, or how you can't seem to remember watching them grow up.

Thank goodness for pictures. Now that I'm actually getting dressed and doing my face in the morning I might make an appearance in more of these (although I really don't like selfies and there's usually no one to take a picture), but now that I'm changing fewer diapers and getting more sleep and getting my kids dressed as well pictures will hopefully become more of a habit than an after thought. I'm grateful for digital everything, it makes remembering some of these moments so easy.

That's a gift.

 This was the first day of 2015. They still looked like little old men. Still beautiful. So small. If I didn't have proof I don't think I'd believe they were ever that small.
 The first of many kisses.
 And poop faces.
 And midnight feedings...and wanting so badly for them to just stay asleep on my chest, but really wanting to go to bed and get a few hours myself.
 Oh that smile. One cookie brings a world of joy.

 Daddy. They love him.
 I read somewhere that kids love making messes, but they also will always put things in their mouths. I tried cool whip, and turns out Jacob hates getting his hands dirty.
 The first time he copied daddy
 They still look so similar here.
 Their blessing day. It still means so much to me that Riley could wear my blessing dress.
 Look at us! Getting chunky.

His early smiles reminded me of Toothless.
Often times they make the same faces at the same time. Sometimes I get it on camera.
I love my sister.
Awake smiles are great. Dreaming smiles are amazing.
 I think she looks like a Veater.
Sleeping babies. This is the "please hold me, please don't put me down" clutch.
 Our first date after the twins.
 Jacob broke an old pair of glasses, so I popped out the lenses and they were his favorite toy for awhile.

 The closest we get to all three smiling and all of them looking at the camera.
 And then we get an elbow in the face.
 And a pat on the head.
 Here it comes
 A kiss!
 Two babies, two kisses
 Learning to blow, that was fun
 Tile and rocket ships
Family photos. They couldn't sit up straight yet.
 And Jacob started not doing what we asked him to do. Independent, free thinker.
Cute, adorable, independant little cub.
 Physical therapy trying to fix the flat spot.

 The struggle is real. Three babies, three smiles, six eyes, one camera.

 I love exploring with him, and his inquisitive face.
 Working with the young women was fun. Jacob was just excited about the balloons.

 Can you tell which is which? Already Jacob and Chase have a brother connection.
 We discovered static electricity.
They barely fit on my chest. They grow so much so fast.
 Started the pink and the fluff.
 The first time he used a spoon to feed himself!
 I didn't realize it was raining while he was playing outside...oops.

 Everything is a toy!
 6 months?
Why were we eating in their room?
 That's the "I tried this and it didn't taste as yummy as I thought it would" face
 He tries to copy them in every way, and that hasn't stopped.
 And they idolize him.

 Our first weekend away from the kids! Boy did we need a break. I love you kids, but you kind of drive me nuts.
 Physical therapy didn't work. We had to do a helmet.

I cut off all my hair.
 They love the dog
 Jacob loves his dad, and fireworks.
We sold our house, and moved to Clovis.
They sleep so funny sometimes.
You have a face!
Oh! Hello mom. And that tuft of hair coming out of the top of his helmet!
close to crawling
I work my way down...that's how I roll.
 I want that. This was just the beginning, and it has only escalated.
 He also copies me. It is really cute.
 It was sunny, and bed time, and raining really hard. We went in to see if he was okay, and he was at the window saying "uh oh!"
 He copies daddy too.
 Nana can't help but cover him in kisses.
Jacob's 2nd birthday party.

One of his favorite things, whatever it is he's pouring it.
 He has such a sweet tooth.
 We really love the dog.

 And Chase is such a momma's boy
Got the soap...and went to town
 Always smiling while trying to drink.
 Finally! All at one table.

 Trying to make the doctors fun.
Sometimes he wears my shoes (a little boy in high heels is really funny, clack clack clack clack clack) sometimes it's daddy's shoes. Either way, shoes are amazing.
 Finally climbing a little
 So tired they all three fell asleep at Costco
 The very last helmet checkup.
 My poor baby...sometimes he wakes up from his nap still tired, so I cuddle with him and read him back to sleep.
They really entertain each other. Just today (2016) Jacob started playing imagination with them. A fake cupcake and sippy cup, nummy nummy as he said.

 He did eventually get upset because he couldn't back track.
 They are always all up in my business.
 We came to church without daddy, the twins were sick. He was so cute I couldn't help myself.
They LOVE the swings.

Trying to match all my kids has become a creative expression, and I love it so much.

Hey baby!
hey baby...
Hey. Baby.
 Boxes. Who knew.
 Oh hi mom

 We love the park so much.
 They really do idolize him
 They started to play together. It often times ends in tears, hair pulling, scratching and biting.

We really love the park.
 He is so smart. And so good about getting a whole bunch of stuff out so his siblings have stuff to play with too.

 Aunt Sara

 Nana Great

 Someone pointed out that Jacob didn't have a tail...I hadn't even thought about that.
His first sour candy. He tried to scratch it off his tongue.

 Shoes...we love shoes...
 Our first spaghetti
 Jacob wasn't thrilled about the broccoli not being whirred up.
 Happy one year babies

Jacob is such a good big brother, making sure Chase could see the reindeer.


And the reindeer got the cup too.
I'm getting better at cutting his hair, but he doesn't seem so sure.
But, I can't walk yet, I need that...
 Merry Christmas

There are lots of smiles. You add it all up and look at the big picture, we had a really great year. You have to focus on the positives, accept the negatives, and enjoy every moment that came your way.