The Twins Turn One

Sunday, January 3, 2016

I had originally typed "The Twins Turn Two" followed by "That's a lot of T's."

May I point this out as evidence of what a hard year it's been? I have been in complete denial about how hard it's been on me and my emotional being, and I think I was in denial because I have been in survival mode for years now and I was just so tired of it! I wanted to get back to life as normal, doing some of the things I wanted to do...but I'll come to find out that it's only going to get harder. But more on this on my Christmas post.

This was one of my crazy things, and looking back on it I think this is where it all started. I wanted to throw a birthday party for the twins (it was also our housewarming party. Housewarmings don't seem as special when it's your second house for some reason, and even though I was crazy I still had some sense not to throw a party with all the family and friends in October when we had really moved in and then another one in November).

I wanted to decorate and invite the whole family because I couldn't have survived this year without them. Turns out the Saturday before Thanksgiving is filled with soccer and volleyball games, and people out of town already for an extended vacation to see family out of state, so many of my family members couldn't make it. But the good news is that some did make it! And the house was full, which was comforting. I stayed up too late making the few decorations that I did because I didn't plan accordingly. If I had done a little bit each night like a week or two in advance instead of the night or two before I would have been a lot less stressed. But gosh darn it, Jacob didn't get the birthday I wanted to throw for him (I was pregnant with the twins and Robbie thought it would be stressful to invite the whole family so since I couldn't have it my way and he couldn't have it his way we took the high way and Jacob had two birthday cakes at each of his grandparents) and I was going to be damned if the twins didn't get one either (the crazy...can you hear it? Because I can sure feel it).

The twins were happy. Jacob was happy too, although he did not understand at all that the presents and toys were not his which only caused a few tears. It was their birthday party that brought property rights and sharing rules into our home, and tears and screaming...lots of tears and screaming (mostly from the kids, and mostly from Jacob, but I can not deny that I am immune from that statement).

The food was mostly gone (again comforting), not many good pictures were taken and the few that were taken were messed up by this weird lightened rectangular strip across their faces. I can't figure out how to fix it. But the smile on their faces, even if it wasn't caught on camera so I can remember, was so worth it as I was changing them into clean clothes and rocking them to sleep for a much needed nap. And getting the opportunity to thank my family in the way of a party was worth it for me.

Here are the few pictures of their party. Some of the decorations, which I was too proud of not to share.

And that was it for the decorations. I forgot to get the food, but it was really cute. Pink lemonade and blue raspberry lemonade in glass dispensers, with pink and blue cups and pink and blue and white striped plates with white napkins. Yep. It was simple, but it was amazing. If there's one thing I'm learning is that simple is really amazing. I also forgot the wreath on the front door. Tissue pom poms and their initials...

This is pretty much the story of our life. She always has something in her mouth, and usually something not desirable. I still can't let her loose in the backyard or in the park because anything like sand or dirt or grass or rubber chips or trash...anything and everything ends up in her mouth and chewed. Chase will spit it out if it's not food.

And the other story of our life. What is that you have in your hand, I want one.

This is the only shot of all of us smiling, even though you can't see Jacob's smile it's pretty amazing.

Great Grandma had the idea to get Jacob a gift too, how nice. You can see it in his eyes, is this really mine? Or do I have to share this too.

Thanks to whoever suggested to put the kids inside, because from this day forward they always want to hide inside. I finally filled it with mega blocks. Jacob didn't really like climbing in it to hide after it was more than half way full and a little sharp.

Now you don't have to imagine Jacob's smile anymore.

The other story of our life. He's always thinking and they are always watching.

And a huge thank you to my cousin for taking most of those pictures, they are much appreciated.

They were hesitant at first. I hadn't given them much solid food besides cheerios because they weren't really interested yet. After giving them a whole cake I started to really try to give them non purred food so they could at least try it. Riley will now eat almost anything, Chase not so much. I haven't been able to feed him anything but crackers until last night when I finally figured out the secret formula: don't look at him, keeping your eyes down put the spoonful of food on the tray and then wait until it's gone to put another spoonful of food on the tray. I worked my way up to three spoonfuls and that was too many, he threw them off of his tray and laughed. I looked at him and instead of the handful going into his mouth it ended up on the window behind him. Riley on the other hand was leaning over to steal whatever food he wasn't eating (and I was already given her a half a sandwich and more dinner than I was giving him...she is a bottomless pit, and he is a stubborn butt). I love them.

Chase remained hesitant.

The hand print is because I forced him to try to play with it, trying to get him out of his comfort zone a little. After this smile I think there was just crying until we got him cleaned up and down for a nap. He has always been my whiniest baby, but since he's become more independent he's not so whiny. It's like he was mad he was a baby or something.

Riley forgot most of her hesitation. I can't be sure, but I think most of this was done without adult intervention.

We've got clapping down!

Happy birthday babies, I can't believe you're one years old. I still vividly remember the night you were born and how tiny you were. I'm so proud of you guys and all the growing up you've done! You are such beautiful, amazing little monsters.