Happy Easter

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter! 

It doesn't really matter that I'm a day late. Easter, like Christmas, should be remembered year round, everyday. We should always remember that our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ was born, lived, atoned, died, and was resurrected for us because he loves us. 

This love that He and our Heavenly Father have for us I don't fully understand. Since I've grown up, and seen the love my parents have for me, and the love my husband has for me, it's helped me understand a little bit more. But it will take me longer than this life time to fully comprehend the power and love of the atonement. 

Here are some cool videos. But the best thing to do on Easter is to go read some scriptures. It doesn't matter which scriptures. As some of you know I've had a hard time reading the Old Testament every day, but as I read Deuteronomy 7 this morning I read about how much God loves His chosen people and those who have taken Christ's name upon themselves (Moses is just talking to the Israelites, but I'm pretty sure it says several places later in the New Testament and the Book of Mormon that if you come into the fold you're adopted into the house of Israel and therefore part of the chosen people...sorry, just wanted that to be clear). Every scripture testifies of Christ and His love for us in one way or another, you just have to look.


What more can I say?

I get in there, set up, sit down with some of the kids and play with play dough...and out of the corner of my eye I see a little boy coming towards me so I turn around in my chair to say hello and all of a sudden he's got his head on my shoulder and wants a hug, I think. So I give him a hug (I love this kid, and his family) and then you know, you let go, but he stayed on my shoulder, so I kept hugging him until someone brought him a chair right next to me and gave him some play dough. Just about made my day. He usually comes in and cry's for about five minutes, but not today. Today he wanted a hug, from me. I was all smiles.

The one day I'm actually excited to play with toys with the kids and a little girl drops a school bus on my foot. You wouldn't think a toy school bus that was the length of my forearm would be so heavy and so painful, but it was. It was worth it to hear her say "sorry" with that cute little smile, and trying to kiss my foot (I wouldn't let her, she settled for my knee) and give me a big hug. Painful, but her cuteness made the welt on my foot worth it.

During singing time I couldn't stop yawning. I blame the little boy yawning in front of me. They're contagious. Then I couldn't stop laughing, because the other leaders looked at me like what are you doing? Why are you yawning? I guess they couldn't see him like I could. Even talking about it has me yawning again, ha. 

We went up to the Veater family for dinner. As always, the food was amazing. I'm one of the only girls that doesn't have pierced ears, so my grandma gave me another cute pair of turquoise and sterling silver clip ons. The sister missionaries joined us and gave us a great message about how we've taken the name of Christ upon us at baptism and so have covenanted to remember Him always, not just on Easter and Christmas. 

My brother put a cookie that was licked by a dog back on the cookie platter...and I ate a part of it. I asked him to help me finish it off because he was reaching for a cookie, when he told me the dog had licked that one. I made him eat a piece of it. It was only fair, since he put it back on the platter instead of throwing it away! Boys...Elphaba's sister that lives with my parents caught a wood rat, and I studied the anatomy a bit. It was gross watching her eat it, but so fascinating. As she moved from the internal organs I wondered what else she was chewing on...turns out it was part of the rat's face. I freaked out. 

Overall, it was just another Sunday. Another wonderful Sunday, with good kids, good family, good husband, and a day spent remembering my Savior. Good stuff. 

Happy Easter