Magical Garden Update

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I spent all day Friday in the garden. 
You heard me correctly. All. Day.
It's because I have this OCD thing, I have to pull up the weeds by hand so I can get the roots...I'm sure it would have been faster with a hula ho.
 The weeds and grass lined the back fence, can you find the kitty cat?
Three bags down and I was exhausted. 

My brother is probably going back to his mission to New York sometime in the next couple weeks so he came down on Monday and spent time with me, working. It was nice spending time with my brother, and getting so much work done.
 Throughout the day I/we finally got the weeds and grass out of there. It literally took all day. Grass is a sldkjfg. It goes deep and sideways, and when you think you've finally pulled it all up you go a little to the left or to the right and there are roots ready to come up. Lets just say that I lost it and ended up not pulling up all the grass roots, so getting all the roots will take a long time because now I need to wait for the grass to come up again.

And that's why I'm OCD. We had this whole thing cleared and then the grass grew back because we didn't get the roots, just hula hoed the top layer...It may take longer but some things you just gotta do by hand.
 Then we turned up the dirt one more time.
 It was hard. I have blisters and the ants went everywhere. 
 The pathway wasn't working, we're going to try again. 
Ants. Everywhere.
 The last of the rock!!! Moved!!! Now we just need to get rid of it. 
 I tried to pack the dirt down by watering it a bit, and the ants went even more crazy. It looked like they were moving out, carrying their babies. It was kind of nice, these babies aren't theirs, but they risk their lives to carry them away from danger. Love, loyalty? Nice thought. Except for the fact that they made different lines across the dirt right where I wanted to plant...By the time Robbie got home with the poison food stuff I couldn't see them anymore. Either they quit for the night or they had cleared out....I hope they cleared out...And now there are poison pebbles everywhere. 
My kitty. She was just getting down, it looked more graceful when she was getting up.

What What?