Halloween 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some of the best lines from some of the funniest kids...

"What's the magic word?"
a two foot tall minnie mouse with her head tilted inquisitively

Neighbor's Kid
"I know! You're a fairy!"
"You're a butterfly!"
"Oh, I get it...you're a lady bug...I see the spots now..."

These kids come up to my door with these little buckets, and I ask
"How do you carry all of your candy around?"
they look at each other, then explain that they have a larger bag that they left behind...
"So it's a ploy to get more candy!"
They smile and laugh yelling, "She gets it! She gets it!" 
I may be 22, and too old to go trick or treating, but I'm not stupid...

Little kids running back to their parents screaming 
"She gave us two handfuls!"

My puppy so excited and curious.

Robbie home and hanging out with me, instead of like last year where he was doing work and I was sitting at the door doing homework. 

Meeting The Doctor at Red Robin... He even had a sonic screw driver, and gave me a high five for knowing who he was :D

This year was much more fun.

 I was a lady bug. He was a giants fan...again?
 I painted all the black sparkly spots :)

Happy Halloween!