20 Weeks Down, 20 to Go

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I hit 20 weeks somewhere in the past couple of days.

Half way!!! Woohoo! 

My last doctors appointment was a week ago, and again, it took me longer to drive there than I was actually talking to the doctor. 

They listened to the baby's heart. Still beating strong.

They weighed me. I had gained 4 pounds since the last time they saw me (5 weeks ago). 
I've never been this excited about gaining weight.

They checked my urine....still looking good! No extra proteins or sugars.

The doctor poked around my abdomen a bit, said that he was the right size for how far along I was. 

He asked if I had any questions. And I only had one...

Have you seen the moving "What to Expect When You're Expecting"? I have. One of the characters says that she felt like she got kicked in the vag. Crude, yes. But what do you know, the other night there was this crazy feeling down there and I asked if that was normal. He laughed and said yes. Thank goodness, because it sure as heck didn't feel normal.

And then the hormones. I've been so emotional over every little thing, and every big thing too. I haven't stopped crying since Saturday night! Today, Tuesday, is the first day I haven't woken up crying. I had/have the biggest headache. It's not fun, but I'd rather have a headache than more tears. 

The doctor said he wasn't worried about me at all. 


I'm not worried about me either. 

And we might have picked a name for our little boy...Robbie changes his mind every week, so maybe not. But I'm hopeful. I like it. 

And the butterflies. I'm just starting to feel him. Last night it felt like he was flexing and extending his toes into me, and then trying to kick his way out. Robbie couldn't feel a thing. But it was crazy! It was the most movement I've felt, and I've felt a little almost every day. 

It's kind of wondrous.  I'm growing a human being inside of me, that is half me and half Robbie. 

Pretty neat.