Trip to Tahoe at 30 Weeks

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We took Friday through Monday Memorial Day weekend and drove to Tahoe with our friends!

We had such a great time. We took lots of naps, didn't set any alarms, got lots of sun, and enjoyed all the beauty. We also ate some great food! If you're ever in South Tahoe and are craving good BBQ, go to Fox and Hound...if you're craving pizza go to Vinny's. Both are small little places, but good food and good service with friendly faces. Do NOT go to Heidi's. Terrible food. Terrible service. No friendly faces anywhere. 

The only thing even semi wrong was that we seemed to come across a lot of unfriendly people. Some were local, and some were tourists. We were like what the heck? What is wrong with people? 

Anyways, whether you're a tourist, or local, be happy and friendly.

I felt like this through the whole I could do anything and then when I tried failed miserably. Like trying to save Whitney when she slipped and almost fell, and trying to carry too many things up three flights of stairs...and with the higher elevation I seriously felt like there was no oxygen anywhere. There was one time that I had to pee literally every 10 minutes. I think we learned our lesson, no more vacations this far along. Pregnancy is an uncomfortable blessing.

Had some crazy cravings for pizza, and root beer floats, and grilled cheese...oh my goodness. And the baby movements! Some were terribly painful, and others were just plain cute. Like being able to feel the baby's spine, and watching a foot mosey on across my abdomen. 

I have 10 more weeks. Starting to freak out just a little.

 Eldorado Beach
 Room from the balcony

Lake Tahoe is HUGE!

Such a great weekend away. Good for the body, mind, and soul.