Seminary Scriptures

Saturday, December 7, 2013

When we moved into our home we loved all of our neighbors…


almost all of them.

The one behind us? Well, lets just say he was odd, and not in a good way. And the large number of loud and annoying dogs that had to proclaim their existence to the world all the time did not help his case. And don't forget that the fence is rotting more and more everyday…we asked him for the past two years if we could split the cost to build the side that we share…and no reply. Often times his nasty little dogs got into my yard, terrorizing me and my dog. Let me tell you, it's very not cool to not be able to go into your backyard for a day. 

So one day not to long ago Vivian and I were doing new member visits, and what do you know, new members had just moved into the house behind us! 

I was so confused.

I thought if he had moved he would have taken all of his dogs, right? But they had been there every day…

Turns out his ex-wife had moved into the house, and he had moved out. She and her mother are less active members! And they also have lots of dogs (which are not as annoying, but explains why there was never a lack of dogs). 

You never know about people, or if the story they tell is true, but what they told me of my prior neighbor is pretty bad. For example, not paying the mortgage and now they are so far into the hole that they can't climb out. Also, it's in their divorce papers that she can't take her children to any church activities and if she does he can file for full custody. 

So it just kind of sucks. It's nice to have good people behind us now, but how they got there is not at all ideal.

So we've been inviting them over for Family Home Evening. It's one day out of the week, usually Mondays, where we get together as a family and have a spiritual lesson, activity and dessert. We love having them in our home, enjoy their company and the spirit they bring into our home. 

This last week she mentioned that they didn't have a set of scriptures in their home. Now to me, that's very sad. Sure, they're online, but it's nice to hold a book in your hand and mark your favorite passages, turn the pages etc. When you go to seminary you get a cheap set of scriptures to use for the four years. That was my second set of scriptures. My first set was given to me when I was eight, a nice brown leather set with my name on the bottom right corner. This first set I loved, they were all my own. This second set is where I really learned to love what I learned from them. I gained my own testimony through these. I marked every scripture that helped me understand things better, like my Savior. I learned to rely on the word of God through them. They were really special to me, but I haven't used them since high school. I got my third set right after high school, from an old friend who is unfortunately not my friend anymore. I don't really know what happened to our friendship, but I definitely wish I could go back and do somethings different. He gave me my third set, a nice blue leather with my name in the bottom right corner. My fourth set will have my married name on them. 

I didn't want to give any of my sets away, but I didn't want them to be without when I had so many. I don't know about you, but the best gifts are the ones that really mean something not only to the receiver but also the giver. 

I don't know if I've adequately described how special this was to me, to give a gift so special and have it be so appreciated. 

But it's not just my seminary scriptures, it's the scriptures in general. The Word of God is special and important to me, and I should share it more often. Reading them, searching them, pondering them, and learning from them has made me a better person, a happier person. 

If there's something missing in your life, maybe you're looking for this

Anyways, share what you love with those you love.