The Twins Birth Announcement: Take Two

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Just like with Jacob, I just could not work up the ability to take these pictures while they were "newborn". Between the baby acne, the lack of chunk, the eczema and lack of sleep, I just couldn't do it.

We finally went up to my mom's house for about 4 days while my husband, his dad, my dad, my brother, and God Bless my Uncle Ty (without whom we could not have done it, there is no way it would have turned out as amazing as it did) tiled our kitchen and dining room. I figured it wasn't a good idea to have Jacob in the house while there was wet stuff that needed to dry...I could just envision the tears and tantrums that would ensue because all he would want to do is be around the men and do what they were doing.

Since we were going to be spending so much time up there, I thought it would be a good time to take pictures! We waited for Jacob to be 3 months as well, and so I figured good timing.

Here are the results. Now if I could just make the time to get them printed out and sent to family and friends, we'd be really swell :)

We tried these ones first...she was ready as always to smile and be charming. Chase...not so much.
 And then they kept falling we'll try that again when they're a little stronger.
And here is the best one, out of over 400. Just like Jacob's
Something about the blankets Nana made, just make me happy.

Here are my favorite outtakes.

 Those faces...
 It's like I said make a funny face, and they did.
 My favorite outtake of all. It says everything about them, up until now. He's not so grumpy now.
 Wide eyes, it's crazy how wide they get!
 Over there!
 On the second time we tried it, we got a smile out of him. Here it comes...
 wait for it...
wait for iiiiiiiiiiit...
 Tada! (Riley: Wha?)
 I'm so happy! I'm not a grumpy baby! (Riley: Really?)
 I think that was a pretty awesome smile mom
What do you think? Riley didn't smile at all...huh? Huh?
Hey mom! What's over there? Let's stop taking pictures now. We get it...we're cute. We're done.

Love them