Two Newborns and an 18 Month Old

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Life has been pretty amazing, even though I'm seeing it through a sleepy haze most days.

Here are some pictures and words to help explain the last few months.

 Cuteness, and oh so new
 Nana, Mom, the best help ever
 Love, hugs and dogs
 Or horsies...
 First hair cuts...too short, but oh well. Hair grows thank goodness
 Baths. We take lots and lots and lots of baths with three babies.
 Climbing and finding our way into the craziest of places
 We've gone on a few walks...
 Our first sleepover at Nana's
 Emphasis on the sleep
 Our first Sunday back to church! And our last. Dr Jones said don't take those babies out for another two weeks so they don't get sick. 
 Poop and poop faces. Sometimes my life is just poop.
 Some of us sleep, and some of us don't
 We eat lots of cookies (lots is probably an exaggeration...I think)
 Stronger! Look at how strong we are holding our heads up all by ourselves
 Indy has to relearn not to lick babies...she's gotten used to cleaning Jacob's face
Time with daddy is the best
 I couldn't help myself, he went to sniff the cool whip so I tipped it up into his face.
 Edible foam! IE cool whip. So much fun
 And delicious
 We copy daddy at every turn. After the tile was in, a few days later he got his hands on a sponge and I wondered what he'd do with it. He went to the tile and started to scrub it, just like daddy. He also tries to pick up Indy's feet and dance with her, like he saw me do ONCE. 
 Don't we look cute. 
 A special day
 Pj, naked, cute clothes, mis matched clothes....
 Sleep and babies, precious
 An example of cute outfits. 
 Play dates happen at any and all times, including right before bed.
 Smiles, even sleepy smiles, bring joy
 Riley looks like a Veater
 Milk comaaaaaaaa
 Holding babies
 Dirt. Lots of dirt. Hence the baths.
 And of course, don't forget the other things in life besides children, like our home.
 My Christmas present from my dad, tile!
The start of my gray, yellow and white kitchen.

There are also lots and lots of kisses, and hugs, and running, and cuddling, and eating, and dancing, and singing...and cleaning...

Jacob loves to take off one sock, just one, and continue the rest of the day without it.

Jacob wipes his nose, on everything. And I mean everything. I think it's cute, and tell him "thank you! What a good boy wiping your nose." I figure I'll wait until he can talk to me to teach him only to wipe his nose in tissues and handkerchiefs, not on EVERYTHING ELSE.

Every once in awhile I'll see him driving a car around going vroom vroom. It makes my heart smile.

Jacob's facial expressions are becoming the most hilarious things ever! He is becoming so expressive.

He still loves the dog. They are the best of friends, I can't even tell you. It's just something you have to see.

He shoves food in his mouth, and tries to drink at the same time. It's the cutest thing watching him figure out ways to put more food in his mouth. He's a beast. 

Sometimes it's hard having an 18 month old and two newborns. Jacob doesn't understand gentle very well and want's to play with them like he plays with us and the dog...we've had a few scares and a few "Don't step on them" or "Don't hit them". But as they get less fragile and more strong we're all able to play together a bit more. At first it was difficult feeding the twins with Jacob because he wanted so badly to be climbing all over me while I did it, and with two hands occupied, what was I supposed to do with him? For awhile we strapped him down in his stroller and watched sesame street, at least until he got used to the inevitability that I would not be able to play with him or pay attention to him for half an hour while I took care of them. And now he's great! Although we do still have relapses occasionally. He loves kissing them, taking their hands while I hold them under their arms and dance with them, doing baby exercises together. 

We've even gotten quite a few all nighters of sleep. And only one more month until we can start introducing a little food! Which will only help everyone sleep even more. 

Bring on the spring and summer, and growing children.