Six Months and an Almost Two Year Old

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The twins turned 6 months old last month! They are the size of most 3 month olds, but that's okay.

I probably wouldn't notice if I wasn't going to so many doctors appointments, but they are developmentally behind by about a month because they were born three weeks early. I can't help but think part of it is me too. With Jacob I spent every minute he was awake cuddling him and doing baby exercises or involving him in what I was doing, with all three now and trying to get our house ready to sell and find a new home I do not spend every one of their waking minutes doing baby exercises.

Riley is definitely getting things faster than Chase, which is kind of hilarious to watch. Riley is our happy mellow child, she reminds me of a hippie. Her motto would be "everything is good". When she does cry it's the most pitiful little wail you've ever heard. Chase is our dramatic child. Everything makes him SCREAM, not just cry, but blood curtailing SCREAM.

They are both now rolling all over the place, and often times into each other which they don't like so much. I will put them side by side so they can play with each other, but they end up opposite of each other and crying because they are both getting kicked in the face. One time I came over to see what all the fuss was about and Riley was gnawing on Chase's foot and he was really upset about it.

Jacob is so amazing with them, he really has taken the big brother role to heart. Every time they cry he immediately goes over and asks something that sounds like "Are you okay?". I ran to check on why I was hearing gagging noises and he was shoving a spoon down Chase's throat, just trying to help feed him I guess. He takes rags and wash cloths and helps wipe up their spit up and formula drips and food (Indy helps in that department too). He helps me take out the trash by holding on to it and pulling me along. He also "helps" me carry the babies across parking lots by holding onto one of the car seat handles instead of my hand since both of my hands are occupied. He plays peek a boo with them, and does everything and anything to entertain them.

The first time Chase laughed at Jacob was in the orthopedic's office. A lot of firsts seem to happen there since we are there so often, like Jacob opened his first door there and Riley started putting her hand to her mouth like a little indian (just not making the noises). They laugh at the craziest things, like my hands going into the air, and basically anything Jacob does. They love being tickled. And they smile so big they take up their whole itty bitty baby face.

Chase's helmet is going's a little big so it's turning on his head which kind of defeats the purpose of fixing his flat spot, but we're going to give it a few more weeks before we ask for a new one. The foam pads we've put in it seem to be holding it in place well enough, the orthopedist hopes he'll grow into it soon so they don't have to make a new one.

Jacob has several new favorite words and phrases. He still favors "where did it go?" but now he's added "okay" and "are you okay?" He also loves "baby". He wakes up in the morning, "Baby? Baby?" He tries to climb up into their cribs to make sure they are there. He tries to help feed them, and take a couple bites of their baby food. The look on his face when I let him have a bite of their carrots was priceless. "This isn't applesauce", and he then went for another bite! "Mo? Mo?" instead of "more". He sits where they sit, lays where they lay, kisses them, hugs them, helps burp them, tries to play with them by giving them toys (and taking them away) and trying to get them to laugh and smile at him. Jacob is still so happy, always wanting to say "hi" to people and be their friend. He's starting to cry and whine a lot though...

The twins didn't like the spoon very much to begin with. I know Jacob was ready for food well before I was ready to feed him, but with the twins it was the other way around. But now they're getting the hang of it. And because they are eating real food now they are getting more on a schedule of breakfast lunch and dinner because they are hungry at those times instead of random times! Which is amazing because on most days I can get all three of the kid's naps synchronized! Win.

It takes us all day to get anywhere, and I have to literally pack everything. I have two diaper bags, and leave one in the car in case I run out of things in the one I bring with me. I take my giant monster of a stroller everywhere.

These children are getting cuter every minute. I love them.

One last story. I was eating lunch, and Jacob and Robbie were on the couch with me and the twins were behind us in their exersaucer things. All of a sudden I don't hear anything, and I don't know how long I haven't heard anything. I get up and come around the couch and Chase is sprawled on the side of his exersaucer and he looked dead. I froze, and said "Chase?" Robbie new that tone and ran to get him. Robbie picked him up and Chase started jumping in the exersaucer, but he was still asleep! Robbie just held him there, because now I'm crying my eyes out because I thought my child had died and laughing all at the same time because he's bouncing in his sleep. This kid is so out that he looked dead. I've never had a child fall asleep doing something like that, they almost always cry because they are tired and want to fall asleep but can't. Chase had just put his head down right where he was. Riley is laughing at us, and Jacob is patting my head asking "are you okay?" and he wiggles his way into my lap and gives me the biggest hug I've ever gotten from him and just holds me until I stopped crying. It was so scary, and so funny. I apparently freeze in life and death situations. I really need to work on that...

Anyways, enjoy the pictures!

I couldn't get them to all look at me and smile AT THE SAME TIME to save my life. If it were a life and death situation, I would have died. Thank goodness for lots of pictures, there's a good picture of each of them amongst all of them. And the funny ones. Dad was trying to help draw their eyes, but then they followed him everywhere.

 It was cuter the second before, before he realized I was behind him.
As soon as he saw me he got up and danced around. He tries to copy everything they do.

The first time he rolled over and fell asleep with the helmet on scarred me. This kid scares me a lot I guess.