Sunday, July 26, 2015

June and July have been amazing. We have been so blessed. 

We tried all the traditional ways to fix the flat spot on Chase's head. We did physical therapy and did his exercises every day trying to teach him to turn his head to the rounded side, but he is so stubborn he wouldn't do it! After a few months the doctors weren't seeing much progress, and his face was starting to look like a mini hunch back of notre dame disney version,  and decided that a helmet would be beneficial. Some new research is coming out that says they don't work as well as we think they do, but it's sure working for us (at $2,500 it better be working, am I right or am I right). They measure the symmetry of his head from the left front to the right back, and the right front to the left back. It started out at a difference of 8 (I'm not sure what the scale is, I always forget to ask) and now a month or so later it's a 2! His forehead, ear and ear are moving back into place. He has another appointment this week, we'll see how it goes. 

For the record, Rachel at Hanger Clinic is amazing. She is always willing to take a look at Chase when I think something is going wrong, especially those first few weeks when the helmet wasn't sitting right because it was a little too big for him. 

 His first day, was he ever that little?
 See what I mean by crooked?

He had it really tough the first couple of days. He didn't like it very much, but by the end of the week it was normal to him and his neck was getting stronger and stronger. The first time he rolled over with the helmet scared me. I came in the check on them and he was face down because his neck wasn't quite strong enough lift and turn so the helmet could get clear of the bed. I turned his head for him, I had to do that every time he fell asleep for at least another week before he could do it himself.

Spoon feeding is going really well now. I don't know if I just completely forgot what it's like to teach a baby to take a spoon, or if Jacob was so easy, but these two didn't want anything to do with it for a more than a week. I was so frustrated. They were hungry! The bottle wasn't enough for them anymore, they needed some solid food and they weren't taking it. But finally, they got it. I tried cheerios and puffs but they didn't like them so much, they just stuck their tongues out at me. And sweet potatoes, they clamped their mouths shut. What is this crazy baby strength? 

 For awhile this is all I could get out of Chase for a smile.

 They are so easily distracted. Whether it's Jacob or each other. 
 See? What was that noise?

Ah the spoon. I should just get two spoons, but this is more fun for me so.
The dog always gets too close. It's a risk she's willing to take to lick up the mess.

Riley is starting to do the worm crawl, and Chase is rolling around and scooting on his back like crazy. With both of them, nothing is safe anymore. Every time you pick Riley up she does this funny thing with her legs, she squats in the air. Riley razzes and says bwah bwah bwah, and Chase is just starting to razz. He was so proud of himself, it was so cute. He would razz and then smile, then razz and then smile at himself. Chase is doing everything Riley does just a month later. Chase just screams, whether he's happy or sad it doesn't matter, he has one volume and it's screaming at the top of his lungs. Jacob likes to talk back in the exact same language, screaming at the top of your lungs. They love Jacob, they watch him and laugh at him all the time. Jacob loves them too, and doesn't ever intentionally hurt them. I turned the corner once to find he had taken Riley out of her exersaucer and was trying to put it on top of her. You'd think I'd learn by now to not leave him alone with them, and I never am out of ear shot or gone for more than a minute or two, but for goodness sake. Jacob is trying to jump and sang his first song today, Frozen's "Let it Go".  He's also starting to really use his words, which is fantastic. He copies me in everything, even wearing my shoes. Riley is getting a tooth, and she has the best belly laugh when you tickle her on her stomach and neck rolls, or attack her with kisses. 

Other happenings of July

 Poor Indy
 Notice that Chase is screaming
 Why is it too much to ask for a smile?
 Whatever works, right?
 He has been such a good helper.

He was just a little scared of the thunder and lightening. More curious than anything. Going to bed when it's still light out is hard, but when something big is going on it's almost impossible.

More to come, all about selling our home and buying a new house, and Jacob's second birthday party!