Jacob is Two Years Old

Monday, July 27, 2015

He isn't two until August 5th, but we had to celebrate early with the move and I don't want to forget. Early, late, I can't seem to get posts "on time". But this makes me happy, so here we go.

He has always been one to all of a sudden do things, and then once he figures it out its his favorite thing to do for at least a week. Right now it's jumping, especially off the couch. And running, especially around the couch. It is the cutest thing. I'll sit the twins far enough away that they can see him and not get in his way, and every time he jumps or runs by they think it is the greatest thing...and lets be honest, it is. 

He is starting to use all sorts of words, but not many of them without encouragement. Done, snack, baby, book, ball, doggie, kitty cat, daddy, mama, nana, banana, shoe, sock, mooooooo, woof woof. It's getting to be a little unbearable how cute it is. Every time a baby cries or I cry, he is right there patting you somewhere asking "Okay? Okay?". And of course he understands everything you say, and then when you ask for a confirmation that he understands he nods his head and says "okay".

The whining has begun, and we are trying to keep it from being his only form of communication. We're trying to redirect it, have him take a deep breath instead of whining or crying about it, and use his words and try to help him figure out what it is that is wrong or what he wants. I explain that it's okay to feel sad when you don't get your way, but it's also good to get over little things and everything will be okay, and you don't have to cry about it. I'm finally feeling more alive and less like a zombie, and I think the extra love and attention I dedicate to him is helping. If you think about it, basically the last year of his life my main focus has been the twins. 

To sum him up, he is a child that loves people and loves life. He loves play dates and going to the park because he loves seeing different people and the adventure of it all. The park with a splash pad is the best though, the kid has no fear of water (I haven't taken him swimming this summer, kind of been busy with moving, but we'll see about the pool and if he likes that too). He is starting to consistently want to climb the jungle gyms and slide down the slides, with no help from me. I just let him go and have fun, of course always keeping him in sight (when he's out of my sight I really freak out and have to calm myself down, and then he comes around a corner and I immediately am relieved. Why are there blind spots at parks?) He loves the daily routine of playing with the dog, eating and drinking, brushing teeth (maybe he doesn't love that one as much as the others) and combing his hair, which is curly! I can't keep it straight to save my life. I need to cut it that's for sure, but I can't bare too...and I think I packed our hair cutting kit away and I don't want to just take scissors to him. He loves getting dressed, playing with his toys (I don't think he has a favorite, just a favorite of the day, and anything new is the best), helping brother and sister. He loves helping me pack, or should I say unpack. He doesn't like bugs, like at all. I took him outside to show him a snail, and he hid behind me. He doesn't like being too dirty, like when food from a meal gets on his hands he freaks out, or he won't eat some things if he can't figure it out with a spoon or fork because he doesn't want to get his hands dirty. This is starting to stop a little since he's outside so much and gets so dirty, but not all at the same time. He stepped in dog poop (the one that was hidden and I missed) and just stood there like a flamingo calling for me. He loves buckles, any and all buckles, and he buckles the buckles on everything. He can't get into his car seat without buckling it first (I know, right?), and the babies can't get into theirs until it's buckled. He's so proud of himself and I'm so proud of him that one is easy to laugh about. He loves taking cups and filling them with the filtered water from the fridge, and then trying to drink it and it goes all over him and all over the floor, and he smiles his huge open mouth smile and stomps his feet up and down dancing in the puddle around him. And sometimes before I can get a towel down he slips a little, and then I kiss wherever he banged himself and hold him. To me he will always be my little baby, even though he is all grown up (at least he thinks he is). He is just a happy kid, and fills my life with joy.

So with the move we had to move some things around (ha, get it? I crack myself up), including his party. We were going to do it on August 8th, but then it looks like we are moving on August 1st and I didn't want to have his party at our new house because one we'd still be unpacking and two, Fresno people have this funny thing about driving out to Clovis. It's like I'm moving out to the wilderness, or another state or something. So we had to bump it up to the July 25th...which gave us only a week to tell people about it...and it was Pioneer day...and everyone and their mother was out of town...and something serious happened to everyone that was in town so they couldn't come. But I was stubborn. I didn't want to do a party in a new house that I had yet to really move into, and I wanted him to have a good second birthday party because he didn't have a first one (I was super pregnant and wanted to throw him a great party, and Robbie said no because he didn't want me to stress out about it. We both said our way or the high way, and so we chose the high way. He got three different cakes at three different times...)

Thank goodness for my parents, Robbie's grandparents, my one friend who was able to come and another who finally made it. If it wasn't for them the party wouldn't have been much.

I learned a few things, like I can't stand sweets that early but kids can! It was nice and cool from 9-11, but I couldn't take the candy I'd put out, or the cupcakes. So you either have a pool party in the afternoon/evening or you have more appropriate treats or and actual lunch if you do a party in the morning. You live and you learn. 

I also didn't get many pictures of what I did, or a picture of us, I'm working on this whole taking pictures thing. It's hard to document when you're trying to live in the moment, you don't realize you wanted a picture of something until it's long done. Maybe I'll make a list of the pictures I want to take before it starts next time. So you'll just have to take my word for it that the food was adorable and the games and decorations were cute.

But I did get a lot of pictures of what actually mattered, Jacob having fun at his birthday party. So all the things that didn't go as I wanted them to, they didn't matter in the end because he was happy.

 He's loving to copy everything you do, like where your shoes (even if they're high heels) and carry around a case like daddy.
 Kisses from nana

 He and his friend loved the jungle gym
 Of course he can say bubbles, as you can see here

 Took you long enough to get us juice boxes...gosh

 I saw this on pinterest? Making your own bubble wands out of pipe cleaners. The bubble solution made them too heavy and the circle wouldn't stand up straight, so we fixed it by putting them in straws. The pipe cleaners are by far the best bubble wand I've ever used. 
 Say hello Dorothy! There was a swedish fish in each cup and if you got the ball in the cup you could eat the candy. By the end they just wanted the candy.

 Sweets in the morning don't bother him 
 Oscar's trash can toss was a lot of fun. Next time I'm going to use the big #10 cans.
 They went back to each game more than once but I think bubbles were the favorite. I also think he may have eaten more soap than actually blew bubbles, but maybe not on purpose. All except pin the nose on Elmo, that one wasn't very popular. That's okay, I only spent 20 minutes of my life making a giant Elmo head. It was a cute decoration if nothing else. And coloring. Only Shelby wanted to color.

 He tried so hard, I don't think he got any bubbles. I thought it was better to just wave the wands instead of blowing, but he insisted. When he tried to wave them he waved them too hard.

 Even grandpa tried to eat, I mean blow the bubbles.
 He kind of got it eventually.

 I stopped putting fish in there after awhile. How do you like that throw?!

 I didn't get any pictures, but the little one year old friend that came, she was doing what Jacob is doing with the cups. Something so simple can be so great.
 He actually blew out his candle! Don't even get me started on my stupid cake that was too crumbly to frost. Stupidsd sdhghek. 
 But look at that smile! It was worth it.
 He does this funny smile where he sticks out his lower jaw...I don't know what it is or how long he's going to keep doing it.
 Opening presents was so fun. He loves his books from nana, and the animal magnets he got from his 1 year old friend. (I love them too, just so you know :)
 But the cars. He got a noisy one that moves and a heavy good looking one, and those two cars were by far his favorite. Vroom vroom
 He's been obsessed with bicycles, every time he sees someone with one he wants to try. So here you go

And to end, he was helping me clean up. He is OCD apparently. I had them separated, red yellow blue repeat, and he took them apart and organized them by color. He will also neatly put your shoes in front of the door for you when we're going outside so you can just slip them on. 

This kid, I love him.