The Happiest Day of my Life

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello! My name is Courtney, 
and this is the story of how I met my husband. 
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy!

I thought I was going to be an old cat lady, 
the old Grandma in the corner house that everyone knew 
to come over for cookies but never married. 
That's why I wanted to be a physical therapist, 
besides the fact that I love rehabilitation and the human body...
so fascinating...anyways, 
I wanted to be able to take care of myself. 
Then I met this guy....

February 27, 2009
It was my 19th birthday, and the good girl that I try to be 
I was at Friday Forum...and there was this guy. 

We kept looking at each other, randomly. 
He was SO cute, handsome even. 
I sat next to him...then a week went by and next Friday Forum 
he sat in the exact same I sat right next to him. 

A friend, another guy, and I had a class close to each other 
right after FF so we always left early together. 
I kinda wanted him to ask me out...and all of a sudden...
Robbie is right beside me. 
He ran across the street for me. 
Buuuuuttttttt....with that other guy right there 
he couldn't exactly ask me out. 

He asked around and got my number, calling me latter that day. 
He asked me out for that night. 
He told me later that he had already waited an entire week 
to ask me out that he wasn't going to wait another day. 

I was busy that night...but I was free the next night. 
We went to the Olive Garden, 
where we waited for over an hour, 
which was the perfect time to talk. 

We dated pretty much every Friday or Saturday night 
for the next 8 months. 

Except for a nasty little break up that 
helped me make up my mind. 
I have a problem with decision making, 
and we had been talking about getting married 
and I hadn't been able to decide if I wanted to or not. 

So breaking up was not fun, 
but it helped me see how much I loved this man 
and that I did want to marry him. 

We got engaged in October. 

                                                                    I loved the heels...

                                                                     He loves me :)

He doesn't let me take many pictures with him, 
he hates it. 
But when he does let me I love him all the more for it. 
This is a week or so after we got engaged...
last minute Halloween party in Coarsegold. 

And then it happened. We got married. The happiest day of my life.
 My new family.

 I love my sister. 
I was disappointed I didn't get a picture 
with my brother on that day....

We were sealed in the Fresno temple. 
Such a good decision.

 I love my family.

My best friends.

 I love the looks he gives me.

 Isn't she beautiful?

 shhhhhhhh....I snuck them in.

 I thought it was elegant, and not too much, just right.

 I was afraid...

 This was why.

 I love my daddy.

 Sydney caught it, and all of my other cousins caught a bit of it...
it kinda fell apart as it hit the basketball back board...haha

The honeymoon was great. 
The cruise was well worth it...Mexico not so much. 
Mexico was rather scary.

 When we got back I was overwhelmed 
with the number of gifts we received. 
We were so blessed, and are so grateful 
for the many friends and family who gave us so much.

 Our tiny one bedroom apartment. 
I need a step stool to get anything and everything. 

 It is very hard to get sunlight in our apartment, 
because people walk by and look inside. 
And when we have things that are expensive and nice, 
like a tv, and know...not the nicest neighborhood. 

We've been very blessed that we've been kept safe. 
Only one casualty. 
My plant that I kept outside to get more sunlight was stolen. 
Oh yes, and the communal laundry...someone stole my white bra. 
Really you say? Yes. It is true. 
Two casualties. 

 Random love notes from my husband...using my clown candy.

We've had a great year. 
This last picture sums it up. 
I love him, he loves me. 

He has graduated with a degree in business management, 
has a great job, and we're buying a house. 

I have a year left of school if all goes well.

There's not much else to say. 
We've had a great first year and are looking forward to many more. 
Okay, enough about the past. 
The future? 
Can't wait.