Adventures of Moving

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We did it!
With a lot of hard work...a couple of angry words...
some crying...some laughing...

We did it! 

Since I didn't have internet I couldn't tell you the stories...

Robbie got the biggest uhaul they offer.
That was frightening, him backing up? Oie.

Ten guys from the ward showed up and got it all done in an hour. One hour. Really?

My parents show up and ask, 
"Where is everyone?"

We have a fully furnished house, 
thanks to everyone's love and generosity, 
well, and the fact they had no use for them anymore helped...

I went to work later that afternoon and worked till 10pm.
When I got home Robbie had unpacked every box. 
He is so amazing.

We've been trying to fix the sprinklers because the 
lawn is dying a little more every day. 
Robbie put a new one in, and about 20 minutes later 
realized it was facing the house...
technically the window to our bedroom...
that sprinkler sure did work all right! 
Right through the window.
Hilarious, no? 

Okay, that was about it. 
Robbie is really organized, so moving was easy.

My week has been awesome, I love my new home! 

 Robbie is tearing up the back yard right and left. 
I wanted to keep it until the party, but he says he doesn't care 
what anyone thinks he wants those bushes and that rock out!

Love always.