We Bought a Piano!

Monday, June 13, 2011

So we're buying a house, right? 
We are so excited, it's not even funny. 
Here's a good example of how ready we are 
to get out of our apartment.

We've been packed for almost a month now. 
We're signing stuff in the next couple of days, 
and should close hopefully Thursday night!
If you noticed, there's something odd in the corner of this picture.

A piano! I bought one! 
It was at The Salvation Army, for $115. 
Always go thrifting. 
There's nothing wrong with it, just a little dusty, and a little old. 
Okay, it's so old the varnish has wrinkles, but I love it. 
It has one stuck key, and needs a good tuning. 
No bench, so I'm on the lookout. 
Robbie was pessimistic, until he started playing it, 
and I told him my work later that night more than paid for it. 
Also, I mean really, look at this beauty.

And of course,
missionary night!

Something new in our "old" ward. 
Look at him, so happy. 
He loved his mission like no other. 
It's funny how I've grown to love it too. 
It helps that I have other Korean friends...
I've been trying to learn the language but it is slow, and difficult. 
My friend is nice to me every time I try to say something, 
she asks me to say it again, then tell her what I think I'm saying 
in english, then say it again, and then she goes ooooohhhhh...
you mean.....blah blah blah. 
And I go what? Sigh...long, difficult process. 

Can't wait till next weekend...
the move. 

Duh duh duh!