Last Sister Day of Summer

Friday, August 12, 2011

I went up the hill this morning to spend time with my sister.
After I put my plant out. Only ten minutes and a droopy, pathetic, dying thing stood straight up.
I had a great time with my sister.
I pretty much love her. And I miss her a lot, I wish I could see her more often.
We went for a good long walk, and loved everything but the grasshoppers, including the pretty dragon flys.
And cats. I love cats. Following the leader...
And here are Sock's newest kittens! One will be mine in...4-7 weeks?
Don't you love the look: "What in the world are you doing taking a picture of this..."
I tried to hold one...
They are still a little two small...almost two weeks old...
And they just get a little psycho...this picture cracks me up every time.
I also read a lot of my brother's letters. And I took a picture of a picture.
He looks so grown up! I miss him.
Shelby and I had a blast...and my mom, once she got home. Hanging pictures was a lot of fun, drawing too. My sister is going to be an artist someday. You should see some of her stuff. She's really good.
We trimmed the roses.
We played with cats.
Decided we loved Anaheim peppers.
Played with more cats...
More flowers...
And last, but not least...more cats. They just make me so happy.

I beat Robbie home by ten minutes, and as soon as he got home we rushed to Costco...and got me a vacuum. We got a Dyson! I'm excited. And now I can recycle my broken one and return my Nana's ancient Orveck which she was so kind as to let me borrow when I called at 7:00 am moving day almost crying because mine kicked the bucket at midnight that morning.

Yep. It was good to visit home, and then good to go home. 
I love my husband.
I love my sister.
I love my family.
I love my home.