Nursery Stories

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This Sunday's nursery story starts early...Robbie and I went in like 45 minutes before church started to finish decorating what Sister Evenson and I couldn't finish on Wednesday because the activity day girls use the Nursery room on Wednesday nights...and they are louder and have less manners than the 18 months to 3 year old children we see in nursery. Kind of ridiculous I thought...
But to happier news! We were almost done, and then it happened. 

A mouse.
I jumped like three feet in the air! It was crazy how fast that mouse ran and how it climbed up those chairs! I screamed and couldn't stop saying "There's a mouse! There's a mouse!" for like a minute. So I had to get out of there, and of course I told someone, not knowing that my husband was amazing. 

When I got back, he had chased that mouse across the wall and under the door (which I couldn't fit a pencil under), and then out the outside door. He laughed at my face must have been pretty hilarious. 

And now I know that my husband can do anything.

And then we found a needle on the floor. Left from activity days. That was shockingly scary. Really ladies? Really?

Here are the finished products!
I made them a little different, with a little more space in between the petals. It was so adorable seeing the kids put them on their heads and nod up and down, the only problem is the lamination machine is small, so I had to cut them in half and then tape them together. My mom was kind enough to lend me her hot glue gun, because these little kids were strong! And almost every flower was torn in half. I'm hoping hot glue AND tape, double duty, will keep them together. 

And the birds.
They sing good morning!
And we made a legion of them. Robbie helped. My hand was so cramped, because I cut out all the birds, and then all the petals, and all the circles for the flowers. Ouch. But so rewarding, right?

I don't know what my favorite part of nursery was, maybe the tiny little cupcakes I made? Gluton free, because one little girl has a gluton allergy and I couldn't find just one little gluton free pastry, so I made gluton free brownies! One extra egg made it a little more cake like, and with my Aunt Kara's Texas Sheet Cake frosting they weren't too dry. And really, little tiny cupcakes are the cutest things ever. 

I guess my other favorite part was one of the littlest girls, who was the only one who seemed to get chocolate all over her hands and face, loved me. She just wanted to be my friend. I even gave her a piggy back ride and didn't get any chocolate on my white shirt. Miracle? I think so. It took four weeks, and they seem to finally be getting used to us, to like us.