Someone's Trash is Our Treasure

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So this month or week or whatever is the trash pick up week. 

Everyone has stuff outside on the curb. Robbie wakes up this morning at 6:25am, five minutes before I have to go to institute, and he asks me to help him with something. Well, considering I haven't seen my husband for the past two days except in passing, of course I said yes. 

He holds my hand outside, taking me down the street...Yes. We're looking at trash piles. I felt so weird. Really weird. It feels as weird as it sounds...

Almost at the end of the street I see a white picket fence sitting on top of a pile. I'm confused. I've seen this in passing for almost a week now and haven't thought twice about it...He is so excited and I'm so confused...What? Oh. 
In the backyard he wants a dog, and I want a garden. Fence posts like this go for $15 and up, and we got it for free. Yes, it needs to be cleaned up and a new coat of paint, but it should be part of the fence and gate we put in to separate the future dog and future garden.

I got to class like twenty minutes late. Oops. 

I caught a small wiff of something that smelled like Eucalyptus tree today...and a wave of happiness rushed over me. I can't wait to go to the beach.