August 8th - Antiquing

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

When we were in Mammoth 
we visited the Hayden Cabin museum

It was the coolest thing to see how 
life was lived in the 1920s and 30s. 

Start Quote
The best adventures I have had antiquing occur 
when my plan is just to browse.

 I rarely go intending to buy but rather to be surprised. 

This openness to receiving riches from the past 
often results in delightful lessons 
about trusting your instincts,
 experimenting with different styles, 
listening to your heart, 
honoring your creative impulses, 
stepping out in faith, 
and above all, 
realizing there is no lack. 

How can there be lack in our lives 
when even the commonplace, 
through the passage of time, 
becomes precious?

If you ever need to jump-start your own abundant consciousness, 
spend an entire day at an antique flea market. 

Even if money were no object, 
you couldn't bring home everything you see. 

There's only so much we need or really want. 
We just keep forgetting this. 

Isabelle Eberhardt wrote in 1900 that 
to think about "what was good and beautiful" in the past 
amounts to a "seasoning of the present." 

Remember this the next time you feel the need
 for an official excuse to time-travel
 pleasantly on a sumer's afternoon.
End Quote 

I've hardly ever been antiquing, 
partly because I can never afford what I find, 
but I'd love to go. 

Gratitude Journal

1) Dinner with my brother and his girlfriend. Family is so good.

2) We are finally going to finish season 12 of Supernatural! I'm so grateful that it's finally almost over.

3) Cool evenings and cool mornings, and a whole house fan.

4) Having a not so much crying day. 

5) Piano lessons. Today was the first lesson for some students who were gone all summer, and boy was it good to see them.