August 7th - Pets

Monday, August 7, 2017

Today Sarah tells us about her miracle cat Jack. 

He was feral until he decided to come in through the open door 
and adopt her and her family. 

Come to find out he had feline leukemia, 
and lived for eight long years 
without ever going into remission.

"Finally, the moment of profound loss 
that no prayer could put off arrived...

Gently I wrapped my soul mate in my old bathrobe 
and cradled him in my arms. 
As I kissed Jack farewell, 
he licked away my tears 
and purred until his last heartbeat. 

It was one of the holiest moments I have ever known..."

I loved my family pets. 

We had cats, Socks and Patches.

They both died of mountain fever when we moved up the hill. 
They went blind and crazy, I couldn't even say goodbye 
because they didn't know who I was anymore.

I've never had an animal die of natural old age, 
or at least that I was there to hold.

I also loved my grandparent's pets, 
Skippy, Chiquito and Lelita, 
Greta, Ginger, Mr Cat, 
and our latest loss a feral kitten, 
who wasn't so feral anymore,

But I loved them all the same.
They made life a little more magical.
I mourned their loss.

Start Quote
Physicians and psychologists say that loving, caring for, 
and spending time with animals enhances our well-being. 

Anyone who has ever been 
adored by a dog or adopted by a cat 
probably can't convey in words 
the emotional bond that grows between them. 

That's because dogs love us unconditionally 
and cats are big on redemption. 

Our sins and shortcomings don't bother them 
as long as we delight in their presence.

If you don't have animals living with you, 
this doesn't mean you can't make a connection...

If you do have pets, don't just feed, walk, and ignore them.
You invited them into your life, so open your heart. 

Pets need to be 





and played with; 

dote on them and they'll return the kind of devotion 
most of us can only dream about receiving from human beings. 

Talk to them and you'll discover a trusted confidante 

Laugh at their silly antics - a sure stress buster -
and learn how to live by observing them.

Dogs make friends easily, are loyal, and aren't moody. 

Cats are spontaneous, content to live in the present moment. They're small, shedding, scratching, inscrutable Zen masters sent to teach us the paradox of undoing in a hectic world where things always have to be done...

Animals are our spiritual companions, 
living proof of a simply abundant source of Love.

None of us need feel alone.

And if there is a gift, then surely, 
there must be a Giver.
End Quote 

Pets truly are a gift. 

Enjoy them.

They don't last forever.

Gratitude Journal

1) Therapy. Here are some things I've learned. One, it's going to be okay. For example, today I hit a wall. After an entire morning of crying and fighting, and not making much headway in my dirty home, I didn't want to do anything anymore. I all of a sudden didn't care. And it's okay. I'm human, staying at home with a four year old and two two and a half year olds, is the hardest thing I've ever done. And it's okay to be tired, and not want to hear three crying toddlers anymore. When you don't have anymore to give, it's okay to put on movies for the rest of the afternoon to survive until dad gets home. It's going to be okay, it is okay. 

Also, no more negative self talk. For example, I had an entire basket of laundry that needed some serious scrubbing and stain treatment. I got half of it done, and I didn't want to do anymore. Instead of thinking, I'm freakin' awesome because I got four loads of laundry done, I was thinking why can't I finish this basket? 

So my homework for the week is every time I have a negative thought, I need to replace it with 10 positive ones. 

Yay homework :)

2) Pets. I love Indy. I also love kennels. She had some serious accidents awhile ago on my carpet, and it was a pain to get out, so she sleeps in the kennel now. It sucks, but on mornings like this it doesn't. She was waking us up at 4, because she had the runs. I'd rather be woken up at 4 from barking in a kennel, instead of waking up at 6 with poop all over my carpet.

3) Nachos. Yum.

4) Robbie. He comes home and saves the day. 

5) Bed time. Quiet time. The yelling and screaming, finally stops. It's heavenly.