August 10th - Say Yes

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Yesterday we talked about how important our gifts are.

Well, what?

Where the heck do we start?

Sarah has some suggestions. 

Start Quote
You begin by offering an open heart 
and a willingness to serve...

Whether or not we serve is entirely our choice.

God's first gift to us is free will...

Perhaps one day we'll realize 
it's not the will of God we need fear 
as much as being left to our own deceits and devices.

We can always choose to say 
"No...Sorry, find someone else."

And Spirit will...

The Great Creator moves on 
until a willing artist with an open heart 
offers to become the creative conduit.

This scenario goes a long way toward explaining 
why you are heartbroken, bewildered, and furious when, 
after diddling around for years, 
someone else takes out a patent...that resembles the one you designed...
distributes her greeting card line [that resembles yours] 
while yours is half-finished on the drawing board; 
trademarks the name of your fantasy store; 
nationally syndicates the same column topic you've been writing 
in your head the last five years but never got around to marketing; 
or wins the Pillsbury Bake-Off with a chocolate decadence cookie 
recipe just like the one you've been perfecting [for years]...

Now I don't mean to someone else has literally ripped [you off]...

What I'm talking about occurs when someone else 
introduces into the world a creative idea so similar to yours 
it makes you swoon. 
You feel crushed, but you're also freaked. 

How on earth could this be possible 
unless somebody read your mind?

Well, it wasn't your mind that was tapped. 
It was Divine Mind. 

Remember, before anything exists on earth, 
it exists fully formed in Spirit.

The Great Creator does not play favorites...
Spirit only comes once for each Work 
seeking creative expression through you,
then moves on.

The bottom line is that the Work must be brought forth.

If you don't do it, someone else will.

So when that great idea 
flashes across your mind 
surrounded by Light,

Is the idea absolutely fabulous? 
Can you see it completely finished in your mind's eye?
Does it take your breath away?

Novelist Gail Godwin tells us that 
"Some things...arrive in their own mysterious hour, 
on their own terms and not yours, 
to be seized or relinquished forever."

So for God's sake
- and your own -
just say "Yes."
End Quote

Well, that's how you start finding your gifts.

You have to say yes to those ideas that make you smile.

Just a quick example...I decided to stop vacuuming and start working on my music again. I got a lot of really good inspiration, and then I hit a wall. 
Now I'm taking a break and when I come back to it 
hopefully I can work my way around it. 

But I never would have gotten that inspiration if I hadn't said 
"Yes, I will stop vacuuming, 
and yes, I will go work on my music instead."

You can do it.

Gratitude Journal

1) New doctors. Jacob had his yearly physical today, and he loved his new doctor! 

2) Everyone and their mother was going out of town today, so I had a hard time finding a babysitter...I also waited until Wednesday to start asking people, not the smartest idea ever...So Robbie was going to watch the twins and then at the last minute something major came up at work and he couldn't get away! So I had to take all three kids. Not only did we get there on time (early to do paperwork), but the world didn't end. Seriously, all three toddlers taken to the doctor, we were there from 9:30-12, and the world didn't end. I'm super grateful.

3) McDonalds. I'm kind of sick of fast food, but after three shots and the kids being super awesome all morning I thought we all deserved a treat. They played so hard, and then napped so hard. Thank you McDonalds for having play places. Now if you could just get them not to stink, that would be great.

4) Getting some really cool ideas for an arrangement.

5) BYU Music. I spent $4 to get Danny Boy, the BYU Vocal Point arrangement, which is the best arrangement's perfect. I can't wait to learn it! It is such a great song, and has been really comforting helping me through the mourning process.