August 3rd - Catching Days

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Today is another one of my favorites. 

More on schedules!

Sarah introduced planning on May 10th
explaining that planning preserves your sanity. 

I love schedules, 
here we go!

"A schedule defends from chaos and whim.
It is a net for catching days...

A schedule is a mock-up of reason and order -
willed, faked, and so brought into being."

Start Quote
A friend of mine has a theory 
that it's not so much all we actually have to do 
in a week that kills us, 
it's thinking about all we have to do...

Here's a Simple Abundance strategy
- even for the organizationally challenged -
to bring more harmony into your life.

It will free up those vital memory RAMs...

Take twenty minutes each Sunday 
and sit down with your calendar, a pad, pen, and yellow highlighter 
to map out the next six days with a thorough "To Do" list, 
then take a preliminary look at the following three weeks.

[Robbie and I have taken this to heart. 
When we don't do it, our weeks are more hectic.
Of course, we use our calendars on our phones and an excel sheet
instead of pen and paper.]

In order to cast a net that really catches days, 
you need to consider all the tasks you do in one week, 
both professional and private.

This is not for the fainthearted, 
but it's crucial.

Be of good courage.

Here's what we really do each week.
[This is not a universal list, and it's dated, 
but it's a start and it's pretty darn close.]

The Universal "To Do" List

Meetings, prospecting, marketing/publicity, desk tasks, planning, billing, reading, researching, writing, traveling

Banking, cleaners, library, gas station, video store, post office

School, health, lessons, sports, scouts, car pool, clubs, play dates, parties

Health, fitness, beauty, automotive, animals

Food, clothing, drugstore items, home, gifts

Bills, letters, cards, and packages


Cleaning, laundry, decorating, improvements, cooking, repairs, entertaining, gardening




Inspiration, introspection, rest, recuperation, relaxation, grooming, creative excursions, educational, pleasurable pursuits

After doing most of the above, 
it would seem there'd be no time left 
for the last and most important category:

The way to solve this real life dilemma
is to move Personal from last to first, 
making it a top priority as you plan.

Start by taking your yellow marker 
and blocking out an hour each day on the calendar...

The left side of your brain
-the location of logic-
LOVES lists.

It goes on automatic pilot when making lists, 
sorting and shifting until a schedule appears 
that can accommodate everything. 

Sometimes it's even manageable.

If you ever hope to get it done, 

Scan your list morning and night. 

When you've completed a task, 
ceremoniously cross it off with a red marker...

It imparts a great sense of satisfaction to see the list 
fill up in red during the week. 

If you feel you spend too many days 
accomplishing little or nothing, 
keep a "what I've Done" list for a week.

You may discover that you do a lot more than you realize
- or give yourself credit for. 

You'll probably also discover that golden moments 
were unconsciously squandered because there was 
no net to catch them. 
End Quote

"How we spend our days is,
of course,
how we spend our lives."
-Annie Dillard 

Ready, set, go!

Gratitude Journal

1) I love it when I can try to give service. I hope it was helpful.

2) Appliances. Like ac, washer and dryer, awesome.

3) Swiffer mops, and other cleaning things like vinegar and dawn dish soap.

4) Baths. And making the time to take them and take care of myself.

5) Castiel. He's hilarious. I love dry and witty humor.