August 1st - Harmonic Convergence

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

When I think of Harmonic Convergence I think of Avatar Korra. 

But it's actually a real thing.

Though, probably not the spirits of good and evil 
fighting an epic battle that will decide 
the fate of the universe...

The last time (I think) it happened was in 1987,
where all the stars were aligned perfectly. 

According to Sarah, the last time it had happened 
before 1987 had been 23, 412 years. 

I guess people went a little crazy, 
"thousands of New Agers decided that circumstances 
were as perfect as they'd ever be 
to direct the earth, through meditation, 
toward a peaceful spiritual awakening 
instead of a cataclysmic one 
in the next millennium."

Why do we need to wait for some astronomical event?

Start Quote
Perhaps this August you might like to convene 
a personal harmonic convergence through 
rediscovering, recovering, and celebrating your creativity, 
the sacred conduit to access your authentic self. 

It's never too late to reclaim your individual gifts, 
resuscitate a dream, create an authentic life...

Each of us possesses an exquisite, extraordinary gift: 
the opportunity to give expression to Divinity on earth 
through our everyday lives. 

When we choose to honor this priceless gift, 
we participate in the re-creation of the world. 

When we follow our authentic path with love, 
embracing our creative impulses, 
we live truth 
even if what we think we're doing is 
just planting a flower bed, 
cooking a meal, 
nurturing a child, 
editing a book, 
producing a television show, 
sewing a curtain, 
writing a brief, 
painting a picture,
 teaching a craft, 
composing a song, 
or closing a deal.
End Quote 

Interesting, huh. 

Gratitude Journal

1) Safety. I'm so grateful that we were safe in our travels. And our home, and our dog, and my cousin taking care of them. 

2) Vacation, it's so amazing.

Any ideas where we were at?
I'll give you a hint. 
We went past a half of a dome shaped rock on our way there. 

3) Nature, and the places we live so close to. So beautiful.


4) Snow in August!

5) Internet. And wifi.