August 4th - Television

Friday, August 4, 2017

Start Quote
Do you watch too much television?

It is, on the surface, 
an innocent addiction,
because there are no obvious side effects. 

We know what happens when 
our children watch too much television. 

They become passive, 
disinterested in other activities, 
and easily bored. 

Their attention span is drastically shortened 
and their dissatisfaction with life is frequently expressed 
to anyone who will listen. 

Their mothers exhibit similar symptoms 
when they watch too much television. 

If you are staying at home with your children, 
ask yourself if you really need the television on during the day.

If you work outside the home and find yourself 
regularly sitting down in front of the television in the evening 
without even considering what else you might be doing, 
isn't it about time you did?

Alice Walker is always "amazed that people will actually choose to sit in front of the television and just be savaged by stuff that belittles their intelligence.

Anyone who watches television more than 
five hours a week should agree with her...

[I watch more than 5 hours a week right now...
I don't judge, I don't know what's right for you, 
but I do know what's too much for my family.]

But there is much on television that is 
entertaining and informative...

It's really a matter of making conscious choices. 

Over the last few years,
I have practically weaned myself from television 
and was simply amazed at the time I've found 
for more pleasurable and rewarding pursuits.

This week, become aware of how much television you watch
so that you can start preserving prime time...

Perhaps you might begin living the authentic life you crave
once you stop letting the one you have
go down the tube.
End Quote

Yes, I use the TV as a babysitter. 
If the kids are driving me nuts, 
I turn on a movie.

Yes, there are days when I 
drown my sorrows and ignore reality
with television.

Yes, Robbie and I binge watch shows. 
We've watched the first 10 seasons of Supernatural 
in like 2 months. 

But it's okay.

I have recently learned that we are human for a reason. 

To learn. 

Sometimes we have bad days, 
and we watch more TV than we should.

And then sometimes we have good days,
where the TV is never even turned on. 

Sometimes I have withdrawal symptoms 
if I've been watching too much and try to quit cold turkey. 

And it's okay.

As long as we keep trying to be good, 
trying to be a better person,
then it's all going to be okay.

I have learned recently that it's not healthy 
to beat yourself up over things. 

So you watch too much TV? 
Do you want to change?
Pick something different to do tonight, or tomorrow night.

Let's start making some better choices. 
You and me both.

Gratitude Journal

1) Family. I ran into my aunt and cousins at Costco, which is super nice. And then I met my aunt's mother in the temple. So my grandpa's sister's son's wife Debbie passed away a couple years ago. Even though she wasn't my first aunt, she was family, and we just called her aunt. I loved her, and I was sad when she passed. Today in the temple I met her mother. How crazy random is that? How small is the world that we live in? How cool is that?

2) Temple night! 

3) Good friends, who are pretty much family. Who watch your kids while you go to the temple and even bathe them...and feed them because they apparently were starving. Like 4 dinners.

4) The sunset.

5) A cool breeze.