July 31st - Worrying

Monday, July 31, 2017

"Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before
how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way
and that so many things that one goes worrying about
are of no importance

Today Sarah has some great advice 
for those of us who worry,
which is all of us. 

So pay attention.

Start Quote
Are you a worrier?

We all are to a certain extent, 
but some of us are more pessimistic than others, 
and when we worry, it's always the worst possible thing 
that comes first to mind.

[Yep. I do this all the time.
I tell my kids not to run in the street 
because they'll get hit by a car,
and die.
I tell my kids not to play on the stairs, 
because they will fall down,
and die.
Someone doesn't answer the phone or call me right back,
I immediately think they're dead in a ditch somewhere.]

Worrying is a great thief of time.

I have a good friend who can soar from distress to disaster 
in five seconds, 
and it has caused her no end of sorrow. 

Now that she recognizes the pattern and can stop herself 
in mid-flight with a gentle reminder, 
she experiences much more inner harmony
 even under difficult circumstances. 

Often when we stew, 
we think that we're doing something positive about the problem;
at least we're thinking about it.

Instead, we've set off an escalating spiral 
that can ruin an entire day
- for ourselves and those in our vicinity.

If you find yourself fretting over an issue, 
instead of working yourself into a frenzy,

Now think about everything that's humming along nicely...
If you don't feel comfortable calling your 
communion with a Higher Power "prayer", 
call it a "communication with a good friend." ...

"To affirm and to claim God's help 
even before it is given,
is to receive it."

Lift up your worries and ask for grace 
to get through the rest of the day. 
There is an abundance of amazing grace available to all of us 
if we simply learn to ask for it...

After praying about your worries, 
is there a friend you can share your problem with?

If not, sit down quietly and write out what's troubling you.

Now write out the worst case scenario. 
What are your greatest fears? 
If that happened, what would you do?
 How would you cope? 
Once you have a solution beyond an "I don't know" response, 
write it down. 

One of the reasons we worry is because we feel 
powerless to control our futures. 

When we figure out what we'd do if the worst did happen, 
the sense of hopelessness diminishes. 

Worrying about the future 
robs you of the present moment. 
End Quote

Why worry about things that you can't control?
Why worry about things that haven't happened yet?
Why worry about things that have already happened 
and can't be changed?
Why worry about things that might or might not happen? 

So why worry?
Why get all stressed out and angry and frazzled,
over nothing?

and if you're worrying, 
you're not really relying on your faith now,
 are you. 

That sure makes for a pretty grim future.

Just do the best you can do, 
be the best you can be,
and have faith.

No worries. 

Worries get you no where.

Gratitude Journal

1) Parks. The kids get so excited about going to the park.

2) Pizza and spicy wings and a diet coke. Delicious.

3) Family. 

4) Bed time.

5) Books. Books are so wonderful, the way they take you places.