July 20 - The Journey Is Real Life

Friday, July 21, 2017

"It is good to have an end to journey towards;
but it is the journey that matters in the end."

Check out President Monson's talk, 


Start Quote
I used to believe that happiness could only be found 
after arriving at my heart's destination...

But...I've learned that the spirit of our journey is as important, 
perhaps even more important, 
than the arrival at our destination.

In order for us to realize genuine happiness
we must be willing to court contentment every step of the way.

For after all,
the journey is really all that most of us will ever know. 

Day in, day out.

The journey is real life...

We can certainly learn...to carve out time for rewarding reveries
that acquaint us with our authentic selves
and give us glimpses of true north...

For it's during our expectant hours
-those hours that might once have been called "idle"-
that we are most pregnant with our own potential...

This skill
-the soul craft of devoutly caring for our authentic selves-
rarely comes naturally or easily.

But with practice, with patience, with perseverance, 
it does come.
End Quote

[We must] "store up reservoirs of calm and content...
and draw on them at later moments when the source isn't there 
but the need is very great."
-Rupert Brooke 

Speaking of reservoirs, I think of oil in lamps.

Elder Faust, in his talk Your Light - a Standard to All Nations, said

"In the Savior’s parable of the ten virginseach young woman had a lamp. Clearly, this parable has both a temporal and a spiritual application. Oil can be purchased at the market. But another kind of oil, spiritual oil that is not for sale, can be accumulated only by our daily good works.
The parable tells what happened as all ten young women waited for the bridegroom. The bridegroom came at the darkest hour, when least expected. It was midnight, and the foolish five had run out of oil. You might wonder why the five wise virgins could not share their oil with the other five. It was not selfishness on their part. Spiritual preparedness cannot be shared in an instant because we each fill our lamps drop by drop in our daily living.

Instead of being idle during nap time, 
or cleaning, because there is ALWAYS something to clean...
I finally did it.

I made a dress.

I also arranged some music...

Just chose to add a few drops to my lamp.

I kind a figure we've got a few lamps,
two of which I know are 
our spiritual lamps and our creative lamps. 

I also went to the temple.

Just added a few drops to two lamps today.

Gratitude Journal

1) Learning how to do a cartwheel, and trying to do a hand stand.

2) Cousins. 


Be still my heart

3) Getting into the preschool we wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4) Finally making a dress, and I'm so looking forward to making more. I have lots of shirts that don't fit me anymore that are super cute, and are going to look darling on her. 
And the boys that wanted a picture too.

5) Music. People have a lot of good arrangements, but I like to take them and make them by own. It is so much fun, and so rewarding to put my thoughts and feelings down in music. One day I want to write my own music...one day...

6) Linkin Park. Some of my favorites, but Linkin Park isn't for everyone.