July 24th - Too High A Price

Monday, July 24, 2017

So there's an actual medical term 
for those who don't get enough time to themselves 
to "rest and recoup". 

And there are some serious symptoms!

Did you know any of this?

"Certain high-achieving women are imploded with demands,
both external and internal,
and lack the skills to filter them.

These women complain that the first thing they sacrifice 
is their private time or private pleasures."

Start Quote
Those of us who don't spend regular time alone...
are likely to suffer from what psychologists call 
"privacy deprivation syndrome."

Symptoms include increasing resentment, mood swings, 
chronic fatigue, and depression.

Sound familiar?
Sound grim?
It is!

Sufferers struggle through their days in a vacuum of 
unfulfilled exasperation, only to drop into bed 
too emotionally depleted to sleep well at night. 

The littlest thing can set them off, bringing tears and tantrums
-and not only from the children in the family. 

Soon work and personal relationships begin to suffer. 


Because the never-refreshed are 
really not that much fun to be around. 

The cycle may continue unabated until physical illness sets in...

[and these illnesses usually last forever,
 like the cold or the pain that just doesn't want to go away.]

Privacy deprivation syndrome is exacting [too high of a] price. 

Let me reassure you there is a better path.
End Quote


Why do we do this to ourselves?

Why do we work and work and work until we are so unhappy 
that we don't even recognize who we are anymore?

Why do we do this to ourselves?


Right now.

We were not put on this earth to be miserable. 

So if you are miserable, 
fix it.

Change your attitude.
Change your perspective.
Go take a vacation.
Then schedule some alone time.

*I'm not saying you're going to be happy the rest of your life.
You're going to have sad days, bad days, hard times, etc etc.
I'm saying you don't have to constantly be miserable,
misery should not be a life style.* 

Gratitude Journal

1) Want to see my thrift store treasures? They're still making me happy, days later. And this is not including the puzzles I found for the kids, or the huge book atlas, or the lady bug knee pads for Riley, or the tray I found for my mom, or some more things for our halloween costumes. This is just my stuff.
The dresses were $7 a piece, the shirt shoes and necklace were each $3, the stamps were 3 for $1, and the frames were like 25 or 50 cents a piece? A little sewing and the two dresses will have sleeves. 

2) Lazy Mondays. Sure, I still have to go grocery shopping because we're out of staples, but we've had a wonderful lazy morning trying to recoup from our fun filled weekend. 

3) 205 days down, 160 to go. I'm really glad I decided to do this, but boy will I be glad when it's done. 

4) Therapy. 

5) Time.