July 11th - The Art of Cooking

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Start Quote
Tonight, instead of thinking of dinner as just another obligation, 
think of it as an opportunity for jump-starting your creativity.
[I saw this today and yeah, I'm feeling creative]

Cooking is one of [the] best ways for your authentic self 
to remind your conscious self that you are an artist...

[And it kind of has to be done every day, 
unless you want to starve.]

This week, try making a cake from scratch as a meditation...

When your cake emerges from the oven, fragrant and full of flavor, 
consider for a moment the difference between creating a cake
-or a life-
from scratch and one that's thrown together with a ready-made mix.

Convenience foods may save us time in the kitchen, 
but the cook always knows, just as the artist does, 
what is the genuine article 
and what merely passes for real. 
End Quote

Well crap. 

Bake a cake?

I've never been able to make a pretty cake. 

And I haven't had much practice in making cakes, so...

I'll let you know when I get that done. 

I so don't feel like baking a cake right now.

But that butter chicken? Yeah, that I want to do.

Gratitude Journal

1) A successful grocery trip. No crying, no blood, no one running off.
They said they were flying.
I didn't believe they could all fit under there, they proved me wrong.

2) Green chicken and cheese enchiladas, with beans and corn and my mom's spanish rice. Yum. 

3) Having the missionaries over for dinner. They challenged us to share our testimony and our favorite verse in the book of mormon, well here it is. #bookofmormonchallenge 
Now if you could just share your's, that'd be great.

4) Robbie. I am so grateful for him.

5) My kids. They are the cutest things, and when they're good it's pretty amazing. Chase shared his banana with Riley, and then with Jacob. Just a little thing means so much.