July 14th - Dinner Time

Friday, July 14, 2017

"The table is a meeting place, 
a gathering ground, 
the source of sustenance 
and nourishment, 
and satisfaction."
-Laurie Colwin 

Start Quote
The evening meal should be the highlight of the day.

If the day has been peaceful, pleasurable, and profitable,
it's time to celebrate.

If the day has been difficult and discouraging, 
it's time for comfort and consolation
-blessings by themselves and reason to celebrate...

There was a time when I wouldn't begin to think
 about what to have for dinner each day 
until four o'clock that afternoon.

Today this thought makes me shudder.

Planning, shopping, and cooking 
in the space of an hour is self-abuse, 
pure and simple...
End Quote

"We know that without food we would die.
Without fellowship 
life is not worth living."
-Laurie Colwin 

This is how I picture dinner,

and this is how dinner is right now...
with three kids three and under.

Messy, messy, messy...
Crying while I'm making dinner that they're hungry, 
but then refusing to eat. 

But it's still pretty awesome.
Sure, I get exhausted of cleaning up the same mess every day, 
but when push comes to shove I want to eat dinner with my family. 

One day I will miss Riley smearing whatever dinner is 
in her hair and all over her face,
and Jacob and Chase yelling back and forth at each other,
and food on the walls,
and practically having to give the twins a bath 
after every meal and snack...

Let's celebrate dinner time, 
no matter what phase of life you're in. 

Gratitude Journal

1) Temple exchange. I love watching my friend's kids while they go to the temple...it's fun to have 6 kids in the house.

2) Blow up swimming pools, and a slide in the backyard.

3) It's Friday!!!

4) Air conditioning. 

5) Almost done with season 10 of Supernatural. 
3 more seasons to go.