July 10th - Out of Tune

Monday, July 10, 2017

"After all, it is those who have a 
deep and real inner life 
who are best able to deal with the 
irritating details of outer life."

"Woman's normal occupations in general
run counter to creative life,
or contemplative life,
or saintly life."

Tell me about it. 

Sarah starts today by telling us about her summer schedule,
and the chaos that it is...there's never a dull moment 
or more than an hour to sit down and concentrate. 

Her summer schedule is my every day. 

Running around, chasing three littles three and under,
can put a damper on my creativity. 

It can...if I let it.

Start Quote
I desperately need to restore harmony in my life, 
to find balance again between the inner and the outer...

Today the strings on this instrument are very taut.

I've got to loosen them so they don't snap.

Maybe you feel the same way.

Maybe the pitch of pressure is too high, 
the tone in your voice too sharp,
the decibels of the demands on you deafening. 

We need to explore the fourth Simple Abundance principle
most deeply when life is out of tune...

I may not be able to say Mass or meditate today, 
but I can make a meal.
End Quote

"The home is a sacred place...
You mix it with your love and emotions to create magic.

Through cooking, you raise your spiritual level and 
balance yourself in a world that is materialistic."

Start Quote
In a world that is frequently out of kilter,
the kitchen is as mystical as a monastery...

Call everyone to the table.
Stop to give thanks...for good health, love, companionship, 
delicious food, and a moment of contentment. 

A day fully lived, simply abundant. 

Evelyn Underhill...believed that 
women mystics with worldly responsibilities 
often became "visionaries, prophetesses"
because they were able to combine 
"spiritual transcendence with great practical ability."

Be they poets, saints or cooks,
they "remained all their lives the devout 
lovers of reality" while seeking Spirit.
End Quote 

When life gets out of tune, 
take a break and get back in harmony. 

Gratitude Journal

1) Running. I haven't run in years. I wasn't a very good runner in high school, but I loved it. Now, a full decade later, I'm trying it again. And it feels so good. The body is an amazing thing.

2) Good friends. 

3) Splash pads. Watching the kids play and learn, it's pretty awesome.

4) Nap time. Nap time for the kids means nap time for me too.

5) We got in! They changed the income qualifications, and so now Jacob can go to the preschool we wanted in the first place! And save us about $400 a month. We had a preschool lined up, but it still didn't feel right. Well, this one does. I'm so grateful things fell into place and that I didn't freak out when I had to jump through the hoops to try and get another preschool (and another one, then another one) lined up.