July 27th - Solitary Pleasures

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Start Quote
Remember, once upon a time, 
when we all knew how to play?

Nothing that once made us feel happy and fulfilled is ever lost...

Why not have a brainstorming session on paper 
to excavate your buried bliss?

Write out a quick list of ten solitary pleasures...

Need some help?

Well, what was your favorite childhood game? 
Your favorite sport?
Your favorite movie as a kid?
Your favorite book?
Comic strip?
Your favorite singer or musical group?
What was the best time you ever had as a youngster?
As a teenager? 
As an adult?

Can you remember?

If you could instantly acquire three additional skills, 
what would they be?...

What three outrageous things would you try 
if no one knew about it?...

What three daring things sound intriguing, 
even if you'd probably never attempt them?...

What three all-expenses-paid vacations appeal to you?...

Do you like to work with your hands...
or does the visual appeal to you?...

Get the idea?

There's a fabulous world out there just waiting to be explored. 
We simply have to be willing to experiment.

A hobby affords us a marvelous opportunity 
to awaken our natural talents.

It does require a little bit of effort.

First of all we have to figure out what we'd like to do...

Then we have to carve out time to do it...

Seeking and finding a solitary pleasure 
that would make you jump out of the bed 
each morning to pursue it...
End Quote

So, here's my list!

[1] Ten Solitary Pleasures
                           1) Crocheting
                           2) Composing and arranging music
                           3) Reading
                           4) Writing
                           5) Sewing
                           6) Cooking
                           7) Organizing
                           8) Walking
                           9) Gardening
                          10) Thrift store shopping

[2] Favorite Childhood Game
A computer game! 

And don't forget minesweeper, 
and card games like gin and solitaire.  

[3] Favorite Sport
Soccer, swimming, running, and ultimate frisbee! 
I'm not very good at them, but I still like to play them.

[4] Favorite Movie
Good question, I have no idea. 
Probably a Disney movie. Maybe Little Mermaid.

[5] Favorite Book
I'm not sure if I have one, but I know I loved Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia. I remember loving Nancy Drew, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice, Little House on the Prairie...
How could I ever choose a favorite?

Well, now my favorite is Atlas Shrugged. 

[6] Favorite Comic Strip
I loved the Sunday Comics. I didn't have a favorite, just the comics in general. It was one of the highlights of my Sundays. 

[7] Favorite Singer or Musical Group
Well, when I was a teenager it was all punk pop and emo. 
Man, those were the days.

[8] Favorite Memory
I have no idea. I have a terrible memory.

[9] Three Skills
                    1) Play the guitar
                    2) Know how to really sew, like for real, 
                        instead of the guesswork that I do.
                    3) Green thumb. If I could know how to keep          
                        everything alive and thriving, 
                        that would be awesome. 

[10] Three Outrageous Things
If no one knew about it?
Uhm...I'm not much for outrageousness. 
But if I had to choose, I would want to try fire breathing, hula dancing in front of a crowd, and bungee jumping.

[11] Three Daring Things
Even if you'd never attempt them?
Dying my hair a different color, like teal or fire engine red, race car driving, and tight rope walking, like super high up.

[12] Three Vacations
Cruises. Cruises all the way. 
European, Alaska, and Caribbean. 

[13] Hands or Visual?

Gratitude Journal

1) Dentist. I only have one cavity! That's better than the four I had last time :(

2) A relaxing day...we've kind of had a relaxing week, it's pretty awesome.

3) Pizza and family for dinner! And Moana. 

4) My kids. They are freakin adorable.

5) Sleep.