July 28th - Hobbies

Friday, July 28, 2017

"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening,
that is translated through you into action 
and because there is only one of you in all time
this expression is unique...

And if you block it, 
it will never exist through any other medium 
and will be lost."

Start Quote
A hobby is a wonderful way to start freeing ourselves creatively. 

That's because no one expects us to be perfect at a hobby.

Hobbies allow us to experiment...

Pursuing a hobby warms up our talents 
and illuminates our natural inclinations.

We get to try on imaginary lives and see how they fit...

Today choose one to pursue. 

If you need materials...make a list of the necessary supplies.

Give yourself a week to assemble what you need to get going,
and one week from today plan an hour to begin. 

By doing this, you commit to bringing more fun into your life, 
and what was once inconceivable will soon 
become impossible to live without.
End Quote

I have lots of hobbies.
As you may have read in my 10 solitary pleasures.

But what I want to do?


I liked it when I was little, 
even though I do remember complaining about it. 
I think I complained about a lot of things when I was little. 

My mom started me in ballet because I walked pigeon toed.
She said that people told her dance would fix it, 
and so because she loved me she put me in dance. 

I hated my teacher because she would sometimes use a cane, 
and I never felt confident or felt like I knew the routines 
because, you know, dance class was only once a week.

I remember complaining about how I wanted to take 
jazz and tap like my cousins...

But now? 
Now I would give anything to dance on the tips of my toes 
in pretty ballet shoes with ribbons. 

But unfortunately, I can't do it all.
Unlike you, who will be starting something next week,
I'll start ballet next year. 
When I'm not spending an hour a day or more blogging. 

Gratitude Journal

1) Getting a text from my best friend. 

2) Driving safe.

3) Nature.

4) The sunshine and sunset.

5) It's Friday. Friday's are awesome.